Welcome to Changzhou Xiatian thermal insulation composite material technology Co., Ltd
Changzhou Xiatian thermal insulation composite material technology Co., Ltd
      Company is located in Changzhou City, Hengshan Province, Jiangsu City, the town of the double Temple Industrial zone. The company south of Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Yanjiang expressway, east of Beijing Shanghai high-speed traffic is very convenient.
      My company was founded in the beginning of this century, has experienced many years of development, in al and partners to support the support. and now has become the local industry in the leading enterpris es.
      Since the found ng ot our company, we have the spirit ofscientific and technological innovation, scientific management erace te customer satisfaction the introduction of advanced production equipment and leading technology mprove the means of detection Strictly implement the national industry standards, with the times, pioneering and innovative, to create a ef ReproduC tme we can according to customer requirements, with the series of products can be customized. Welcome new and old customers come to negotiate.
      My company's main aluminum foil glass fiber cloth, aluminu oi glass fiber cloth tape and other products, at the same to negotiate.
     We will continue to implement the"integrity first, quality and quantity principle to provide you with more quality prod ucts and services to return choice and trust of our company.