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Energy saving and environmental protection exterior wall ins
2021-03-24 15:56
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It is reported that the thermal insulation materials, especially the external wall thermal insulation materials, have a considerable market capacity, which can bring great business opportunities to the enterprises engaged in the production of external wall thermal insulation materials.
As an enterprise producing thermal insulation materials, it is necessary to grasp the direction of the market and develop products more in line with the market demand in order to obtain the power of sustainable development.
At present, most of the thermal insulation materials in our country are not hydrophobic and have high water absorption, so the waterproof requirements of the outer protective layer are very strict, which increases the cost of the outer protective layer. At present, organosilicon water repellent is a kind of high-efficiency water repellent commonly used in thermal insulation materials. Its hydrophobic mechanism is to effectively change the surface characteristics of silicate materials by using the strong chemical affinity between organosilicon compounds and inorganic silicate materials to achieve hydrophobic effect. It has the characteristics of good stability, low cost and simple construction technology.
Looking forward to the future, new thermal insulation materials with the concept of energy saving and environmental protection will be popular. Experts believe that the HVAC industry must comply with this trend, provide support for the development of green environmental protection HVAC industry, and gain more space in the expanding new demand and new field of air conditioning and refrigeration.