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Automotive Wire harness Tapes
2021-03-16 13:36
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The high bond aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape is composed of aluminum foil, fiberglass fabric and a release paper and makes use of a unique, advanced technology. The high temperature resistance of the tape can be up to 260 degrees, due to the coating of high-performance adhesives with strong adhesion. This flame retardant aluminum foil tape was successfully developed by us here at W.T and is the only of its kind to be linerless.



The high bond aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape is mainly used to carry out joint bonding of all aluminum foil composite materials, sealing and repairing of holes caused by heat preservation nails, as well as wrap steam conduits in order to prevent temperature loss.


Parameters of high bond aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape

Base material Core material Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Short-term temperature resistance(℃) Long-term temperature resistance(℃)
Aluminum foil cloth Fiberglass 0.18 32 260 200

We can also provide a custom service if you have special request.