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Alumminum foil reinforced fiberglass tape
2021-03-16 13:39
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The antistatic aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape is used for joint bonding of all aluminum foil materials, as well as sealing and repairing holes caused by heat preservation nails. It can also be used to wrap steam conduits to prevent temperature loss.


Specification of antistatic aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape

Thickness of aluminum foil(u) 18,22,25,30,36,40,45,50,75
Width(mm) 48,50,60,80,100,1200
Length(m) 30,45,50,100

We can also provide a custom service if you have special requests.


Features of antistatic aluminum foil laminated adhesive tape

1. The aluminum foil features an excellent heat reflection and light reflex.

2. It features strong adhesion by using high performance acrylic factice.

3. It can be used both indoors and outdoors due to its excellent aging resistance.

4. It has an excellent sealing and repairing performance that results from its low vapor permeability.

5. It has an excellent corrosion resistance capacity.